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Music by J Dilla, from Donuts (2005) on Stones Throw Records. Video produced using found footage. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED To learn more about J Dilla, visit http://www.j-dilla.com To purchase or learn more about Donuts, visit http://ift.tt/1Av9W3z... To hear album samples click links below: Donuts (Full Album) http://goo.gl/aMVAOn 1. Donuts (Outro) http://ift.tt/1vsYiZu 2. Workinonit http://ift.tt/1vsYiZu 3. Waves http://ift.tt/1Av9XVf 4. Light It http://ift.tt/1BmdvP8 5. The New http://ift.tt/1Av9W3H 6. Stop http://ift.tt/17KLKU7 7. People http://ift.tt/1Bmdxq8 8. The Diff'rence http://ift.tt/1Av9XVl 9. Mash http://ift.tt/1Bmdxqc 10. Time: Donut of the Heart http://ift.tt/1Av9Wk5 11. Glazed http://ift.tt/1Bmdxqh 12. Airworks http://ift.tt/1Av9Wk9 13. Lightworks http://ift.tt/1BmdxGy 14. Stepson of the Clapper http://ift.tt/1Av9YbD 15. The Twister http://ift.tt/1Bmdw5w 16. One Eleven http://ift.tt/1BmdxGA 17. Two Can Win http://ift.tt/1Bmdw5D 18. Don't Cry http://ift.tt/1Av9Wkf 19. Anti-American Graffiti http://ift.tt/1BmdxGK 20. Geek Down http://ift.tt/1Av9Wkj 21. Thunder http://ift.tt/1BmdxX2 22. Gobstopper http://ift.tt/1Av9YbT 23. One for Ghost http://ift.tt/1Bmdz19 24. Dilla Says Go http://ift.tt/1Av9YbU 25. Walkinonit http://ift.tt/1Bmdz1d 26. The Factory http://ift.tt/1Av9WAC 27. U-Love http://ift.tt/1Bmdz1h 28. Hi. http://ift.tt/1Av9WAE 29. Bye. http://ift.tt/1Bmdz1i 30. Last Donut of the Night http://ift.tt/1Av9Ysg 31. Welcome to the Show http://ift.tt/1Bmdz1o

Download Rap Videos In HQ Here http://goldeneravideos.blogspot.com/ Rap group from Pomona, CA. Signed to Eazy-E's Ruthless Records in 1989 through the help of Lay Law. Their first Album Livin' Like Hustlers was selected as one of The Source's 100 Best Rap Albums. With the single "Murder Rap" they made their breakthrough. For the Tracks "4 The Funk Of It" and "Call It What U Want", the group can be considered as the "true founders" of G-Funk. After the 2nd album Black Mafia Life Go Mack left the group. They third and last album on Ruthless Records Uncle Sam's Curse is regarded to be one of the best G-Funk albums ever released. After Eazy-E's death the group switched to Tommy Boy Music and released two albums Time Will Reveal in 1996 and Legends in 1998 on the label. In 1999 they left Tommy Boy and went independent on their own record label West World Records and released one group album Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One on this way. At the same time they made another short-lived record deal on Suge Knight's Tha Row Records (formerly known as Death Row Records (2)). In 2004 Cold 187um also known as Big Hutch was indicted for conspiracy to traffic one thousand pounds of marijuana and put the group in complete silence. After Cold 187um's drop out in 2008 he released his 3rd solo album Fresh Out The Pen, presented by Above The Law. The long awaited 7th group album "Sex, Money And Music" was released in 2009, although the singles were released years before. Currently they're working on their 8th group album called "Reloaded", containing production by Cold 187um, Tha Chill, Sandman and DJ Battlecat. KMG, one of the founding members of ATL, died on July 7, 2012.

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